Multi-genre DJ/producer. Currently working residencies & guest spots across the UK. Regarded as a highly energetic, versatile, mash-up DJ with a bold mic style. Here you'll find DJ OneF mixes, including BBC Radio content. 

Bookings: bookings@djonef.com or info@djonef.com
Twitter: @DJOneF
Snapchat: 'DJONEF'


Known as an "open-format DJ", meaning he plays all genres at all times mashed-up. While his real passion lies within the House/R&B genres, his influences expand across the board including; EDM, Trap, Dancehall, Garage, Drum & Bass, Soul & Disco. With that said, adapting to any crowd & any occasion is something that he prides himself on.

You can find DJOneF's mashups on www.themashup.co.uk


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